What is a seminary?

The seminary is not a vocational school as much as  

it is a garden-like environment where seeds of faith are nurtured and cultivated by prayer, fellowship, love, and study in order to grow and produce ministry fruit.

In this non-traditional program students will be assigned a reading list of books, sermons, biographies, theologies, the Bible, and other writings of the great preachers, pastors, theologians, and evangelists of the past and the present. As the readings are assigned and read the students will meet once each week in small groups for discussion and analysis guided by a faculty advisor.

Practical experience for minstry will be provided by the sponsoring church on Sundays.  Students will learn by experience how to conduct the Sunday School,  discipleship, and counseling programs and the worship service. Students will have periodic preaching opportunities and receive professional and peer comment and encouragement.

The seminary goal will be to prepare students to serve as pastors. preachers, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, and church planters.

Essential doctrinal commitments for students: 1. the trinity; 2. the full deity and humanity of Christ; 3. the spiritual lostness of the human race; 4. the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ; 5. salvation by faith alone in Christ alone; 6. the physical return of Christ; 7. the authority and inerrancy of Scripture.

Perhaps you have already noticed that there are no classes, lectures, or tests. However, comittment and discipline will be required. Certificates, diplomas, or degrees will be granted as appropriate upon completion of the program. There is no tuition.

Call 561-814-2724 for questions or to enroll. Email Dr. Ken White, President.